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Risk Warning The value of investments can fall as well as rise and any income from them is not guaranteed and you may get back less than you invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

When buying gilts and/or bonds, you should consider the issuer's credit rating and their ability to repay their debt. This will have a direct bearing on the value of the investment. Should the issuer default, they may not make interest payments or be able to repay your money.

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Retail Charity Bonds 4.25% BDS 30/03/26 n/a n/a n/a
A2D Funding 4.75% Gtd Bds 18/10/22 A2D1 10,560.00p 0.000p
A2D2 Funding II STG 4.5% GTD BDS 30/09/2026 (WI) A2D2 11,525.00p 0.000p
Alpha Plus Holdings 5.00% Sec Stg Bds 31/03/24 ALP2 9,167.50p 0.000p
Anglian Water Service Financing 6.875% Gtd Bds 21/08/23 GBP(VAR)(BR) 40LV 11,714.00p -3.00p
Assura Properties 4.750% First Mtg Deb Stk 09/12/21 79NF 10,400.00p 0.000p
Aviva 5.9021% Fxd Fltg Dci AV20 9,812.50p 0.000p
Aviva 6.125% Fxd Rte Sub Nts 2036 (VAR)(BR) AE57 12,102.50p 5.00p
Aviva 6.125% Perp Reset Sub Nts GBP (VAR)(BR) 72RK 10,850.00p 0.000p
Bank of Ireland (Governor & Co of) 13 3.375% Perp Sub Bds BOI 19,200.00p 0.000p
Barclays 7.125% Und Subord Nts GBP(Var)(Br) 87PN 10,020.00p 0.000p
Barclays 9% Perm Int Brg Cap Bds (Var) (BR) 06GH 11,840.00p 0.000p
British Land Company 5.264% 1st Mtg Deb Bonds 24/09/35 33DT 11,700.00p 0.000p
British Land Company 5.357% 1st Mtg Deb Bonds 31/03/28 33DR 11,600.00p 0.000p
British Telecommunications 5.75% Bds 17/12/28 (VAR)(BR) 72NS 13,067.50p -7.50p
Bupa Finance Call Sub Perp Gtd Bonds (VAR)(BR) BUPF 10,000.00p 0.000p
Burford Capital 5% Bds 01/12/26 BUR3 8,750.00p -30.00p
Burford Capital 6.125% Gtd Bds 26/10/24 BUR2 9,425.00p 0.000p
Burford Capital 6.50% Gtd Bds 19/08/22 BUR1 9,850.00p 0.000p
Cheltenham & Gloucester 11 3/4% Perp Sub Bds #50000 CAGP 20,700.00p 0.000p
Co-operative Group Ltd 11% Fnl Repay Sub Nts 20/12/25 42TE 12,585.00p 0.000p
Co-operative Group Ltd Instal Repay Sub Nts 20/12/25 42TF 510.00p 0.000p
Daily Mail and General Trust 5.75% Bds 07/12/18 (VAR)(BR) 80VA 9,997.50p 0.000p
Eastern Group 8 % Bds 31/03/25 # (VAR)(BR) 93GR 13,220.00p -5.00p
Elc. N 8.875%26 n/a n/a n/a
Elc. N 8.875%26 n/a n/a n/a
Eros STX Global Corporation 6.50% Stg Bds 15/10/21 ERO1 8,667.50p 0.000p
Halifax 12% Perp Sub Bds HALA 12,000.00p 0.000p
Halifax 13 5/8% Perp Sub Bds HALB 21,200.00p 0.000p
Halifax 8 3/4% Perp Sub Bds HALC 11,000.00p 0.000p
Halifax 9 3/8% SUB BDS 2021 GBP (VAR)(BR) 98IV 10,630.00p 0.000p
HALIFAX 9.375% PERP SUB BDS HALP 16,025.00p 0.000p
Hammerson 6.00% Bds 23/02/26 (VAR)(BR)(RegS) 72VH 10,225.00p -12.50p
Hammerson 7.25% Bds 21/04/28 GBP(VAR)(BR) 48LK 10,642.50p -2.50p
Keystone Investment Trust 6.5% Bds 2023 (Regd) 07LO 11,300.00p 0.000p
Ladbrokes Group Finance 5.125% Stg Bds 16/09/2022 LAD2 10,330.00p 115.00p
Lloyds Bank 9 ⅝% Sub Bds 06/04/23 #(VAR)(BR) 94HJ 12,010.00p -2.50p
London Stock Exchange Group 4.75% Notes 02/11/21 LSE1 10,415.00p 0.000p
Manchester Building Society 6.75% Perm Interest Bearing Shs MBSP 2,462.50p 0.000p
Manchester Building Society 8% Perm Int Bear Shs MBSR 2,662.50p 0.000p
Merchants Trust 5.875% Sec Bds 20/12/29 (Reg) 32OO 11,500.00p 0.000p
National Grid Electricity Transmission 5.875% Bds 02/02/24 (VAR)(BR) BD56 11,657.50p -7.50p
National Grid Electricity Transmission 6.50% Bds 27/07/28 (VAR)(BR) 47QK 13,820.00p -5.00p
National Grid Sterling RPI Lkd Bonds 06/10/2021 NG1Q 12,450.00p -90.00p
Nationwide 6.25% Permanent Interest Bearing Shares POBA 10,500.00p 0.000p
Nationwide 7.25% Permanent Interest Bearing Shares POB 10,500.00p 0.000p
Nationwide BS Fltg Rte Perm Int Bearing Shs CEBB 8,487.50p -12.50p
Nationwide Building Society 7.859% Perm Int Bearing Shs Receipt NABB 12,600.00p 0.000p
Nats 5.25% 26 n/a n/a n/a
Nats 5.25% 26 n/a n/a n/a
Natwest Markets PP Floored Fltg Rte Nts 06/12/20 RBPX 10,845.00p -221.00p
Natwest Markets PP Flrd Fltg Nts 01/11/22 RBLI 10,730.00p -360.00p
Natwest Markets PP Inf Lkd Nts 01/11/22 RBPI 11,210.00p -59.00p
Nestle Finance International Ltd 2.250% Nts 30/11/23 17JI 10,622.50p -2.50p
NOTTS.B.S. 7 7/8% PERM INT BEARING SHS NOTP 11,675.00p 0.000p
One Savings Bank Fxd Rte Perpetual Subordinated Bond 1SBA 8,825.00p 0.000p
One Savings Bank Fxd Rte Perpetual Subordinated Bonds 1SBB 8,680.00p 0.000p
Places For People Capital Markets 1.00% Rpi-Lnkd Nts 31/01/22 PFP1 12,050.00p -15.00p
Places for People Finance 4.25% Gtd Bds 15/12/23 PFP2 10,037.50p 0.000p
Provident Financial 5.125% Nts 09/10/23 66WS 9,270.00p 42.50p
Prudential 6 ⅞% Bds 2023 #(BR) BC41 11,375.00p -12.50p
Retail Charity Bonds 5% Bds 12/04/26 CAF1 11,600.00p 0.000p
Retail Charity Bonds Dolphin SQ 4.25% Bds 06/07/26 DSCF 10,202.50p 0.000p
Retail Charity Bonds Hghtwn & Prae Church 4.4% Bds 30/04/25 HTOP 10,267.50p 5.00p
Rothschild Co Continuation Finance CI Limited 9% Perp Sub GTD NTS #(VAR)(BR) RCHA 11,950.00p 0.000p
Santander UK 10 1/16% Exch Cap Sec 1000(BR) BB08 17,700.00p 0.000p
Santander UK 7.037% Stp Call Perp RC Inst ABB1 11,400.00p 0.000p
Segro 5.75% Nts 20/06/35 (VAR)(BR) 52VE 15,300.00p 0.000p
Segro 6.75% Nts 23/02/24 (VAR)(BR) BO46 11,792.50p 0.000p
Severn Trent Utilities Fin 6.25% Gtd Bds 07/06/29 (VAR)(BR) 41NW 14,252.50p -17.50p
Severn Trent Utilities Finance 6.125% Gtd Bds 2024 (VAR)(BR) 83NL 11,805.00p -2.50p
Skipton Building Society 8.5% Perm Int Br Shs SBSA 13,475.00p 0.000p
SSE 5.875% Bds 2022 (VAR)(BR) BC18 11,022.50p -5.00p
Tesco Personal Finance STG 5.00% Nts 21/11/20 TSC5 10,022.50p 0.000p
Wasps Finance 6.50% Stg Sec Bds 13/05/22 WAS1 3,957.50p 0.000p
Wessex Water Services Finance 5.75% Gtd Bds 14/10/33 GBP(VAR)(BR)(S) 68OP 15,105.00p 17.50p
West Bromwich Building Society 6.15% Perm Int Br WBS 3,200.00p 0.000p