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The prices shown are not real-time. They are delayed by at least 15 minutes and will not update unless you refresh the page. As a consequence, the prices shown may differ from the prices at time of trading.

Date Base Currency Target Currency Mid Rate
03-Jul-2020 GBP USD 1.2484
02-Jul-2020 GBP USD 1.2468
01-Jul-2020 GBP USD 1.2476
30-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2401
29-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2298
26-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2337
25-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2417
24-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2420
23-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2520
22-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2469
19-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2349
18-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2423
17-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2555
16-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2571
15-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2604
12-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2547
11-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2600
10-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2747
09-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2729
08-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2724
05-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2669
04-Jun-2020 GBP USD 1.2591

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