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Trump calls Trudeau 'two faced' after reportedly being mocked at NATO

By Caoimhe Toman

Date: Wednesday 04 Dec 2019

LONDON (ShareCast) - (Sharecast News) - US President Donald Trump called Canadian leader Justin Trudeau "two faced" on Wednesday and says he's "not very happy" that he "called him out" for Canada's falling short of NATO's target for members' defence spending to reach 2.0% of annual gross domestic product.
"He's two-faced," Trump said. "I find him to be a very nice guy but the truth is I called him out on the fact that he's not paying 2% (on Canada's GDP) and I guess he's not very happy about it," Trump said on Wednesday.

"He's not paying 2% and he should be paying 2%. It's Canada, they have money and they should be paying 2%. So I called him out on that and I'm sure he wasn't happy about it but that's the way it is."

The comments come after a video surfaced on Tuesday that showed Trudeau, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, France's President Emmanuel Macron and Dutch leader Mark Rutte apparently mocking Trump, suggesting he was "late" due to a "40-minute press conference off the top".

They were allegedly discussing Trump's press conference with NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg. Trump's remarks alongside NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg earlier on Tuesday lasted 53 minutes, according to a White House transcript, when the itinerary had suggested that it would last 20 minutes.