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reverse the order Name
Latest Price
Change Since Yesterdays Close
Bank of Ireland (Governor & Co of) 13 3.375% Perp Sub Bds BOI 22,125.00p 0.000p
Barclays 9% Perm Int Brg Cap Bds (Var) (BR) 06GH 11,450.00p 0.000p
Barclays Bd. 9.25% Perp Sub Bds #(Var) BC53 10,125.00p 0.000p
Cheltenham & Gloucester 11 3/4% Perp Sub Bds #50000 CAGP 22,300.00p 0.000p
Halifax 12% Perp Sub Bds HALA 11,300.00p 0.000p
Halifax 13 5/8% Perp Sub Bds HALB 23,900.00p 0.000p
Halifax 8 3/4% Perp Sub Bds HALC 11,100.00p 0.000p
HALIFAX 9.375% PERP SUB BDS HALP 18,475.00p 0.000p
Manchester Building Society 6.75% Perm Interest Bearing Shs MBSP 9,875.00p 0.000p
Manchester Building Society 8% Perm Int Bear Shs MBSR 10,375.00p 0.000p
Nationwide 6.25% Permanent Interest Bearing Shares POBA 10,725.00p 0.000p
Nationwide 7.25% Permanent Interest Bearing Shares POB 10,087.50p 0.000p
Nationwide BS Fltg Rte Perm Int Bearing Shs CEBB 10,375.00p 0.000p
Nationwide Building Society 7.859% Perm Int Bearing Shs Receipt NABB 12,500.00p 0.000p
NOTTS.B.S. 7 7/8% PERM INT BEARING SHS NOTP 13,062.50p 0.000p
Skipton Building Society 8.5% Perm Int Br Shs SBSA 15,550.00p 0.000p
West Bromwich Building Society 6.15% Perm Int Br WBS 5,775.00p 0.000p