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Prices & Quotes - UK Markets - UBS (Lux) Fund Solutions UBSETF Blm TIPS 10+ USD A-DIS (UBTL)

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Price History
Date Closing price Open High Low Volume
30-Nov-2021 1,386.00p 1,385.00p 1,386.00p 1,374.69p 19,930
29-Nov-2021 1,381.00p 1,374.00p 1,386.57p 1,372.39p 42,040
26-Nov-2021 1,376.50p 1,352.00p 1,376.50p 1,348.55p 1,970
25-Nov-2021 1,359.00p 1,354.50p 1,366.50p 1,349.00p 0
24-Nov-2021 1,349.00p 1,354.50p 1,352.18p 1,349.00p 19,000
23-Nov-2021 1,343.00p 1,354.50p 1,357.39p 1,343.00p 2,846
22-Nov-2021 1,369.00p 1,382.00p 1,383.41p 1,369.00p 500
19-Nov-2021 1,381.75p 1,399.50p 1,381.75p 1,380.09p 650
18-Nov-2021 1,369.75p 1,399.50p 1,371.00p 1,349.25p 0
17-Nov-2021 1,349.25p 1,399.50p 1,370.25p 1,343.50p 0
16-Nov-2021 1,370.25p 1,399.50p 1,374.99p 1,370.25p 442
15-Nov-2021 1,379.00p 1,399.50p 1,399.50p 1,379.00p 658
12-Nov-2021 1,385.50p 1,397.00p 1,397.00p 1,385.50p 776
11-Nov-2021 1,395.50p 1,366.00p 1,395.97p 1,395.50p 665
10-Nov-2021 1,392.25p 1,366.00p 1,392.25p 1,383.67p 3,706
09-Nov-2021 1,393.25p 1,366.00p 1,393.25p 1,366.00p 248
08-Nov-2021 1,360.50p 1,358.00p 1,361.50p 1,344.50p 0
05-Nov-2021 1,353.00p 1,358.00p 1,358.00p 1,353.00p 25
04-Nov-2021 1,332.75p 1,310.50p 1,332.75p 1,307.62p 3,100
03-Nov-2021 1,309.75p 1,310.50p 1,319.25p 1,305.50p 0
02-Nov-2021 1,306.50p 1,310.50p 1,306.50p 1,300.66p 2,270
01-Nov-2021 1,300.25p 1,310.50p 1,316.80p 1,300.25p 11,025

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UBTL Market Data

Currency UK Pounds
Price 1,386.00p
Change Today 0.000p
52 Week High 1,395.50p
52 Week Low 1,121.00p
Volume 0
Shares Issued 0.98m
Market Cap 13.61m


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